5 Bogus Medical Controversies


Medical science is by its very nature constantly changing, and as part of that change new treatments arise and old treatments are discredited. Doctors disagree and there are controversial statements and procedures. This is the way science works. But recently a number of people have...

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Paying Off Credit Card Debt


Most of us will know people who are struggling with debt and a lot of it will have been build up through the use of credit cards. They are easy to use and a lot safer than carrying cash if there is a big purchase...

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Coleridge’s Rime Of The Ancient Mariner


The Supernaturalism has long lost its mystery as modern poetry conveys its message by working around symbols. But Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner still draws attention and receives high praise from its readers. What is the meaning of this masterpiece of Coleridge and what...

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What Are Your Options For Magazine Printing?


Striking out into the publishing business is a risky endeavor, but it can be lucrative with a unique idea. Magazines are still a viable concept in today’s computer-driven world. People still enjoy flipping through glossy pages, from browsing recipes to learning about their favorite television...

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Bands/Musicians That Should Probably Retire


The music industry offers one of the primary forms of entertainment to society and is undoubtedly a lucrative career for those who gain a large fan base. The wealth that can be attained from playing in a band and touring the world can make it...

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Crop Farming Methods


Much of the world’s food supply is produced through crop farming. Farming is a profession that has been in existence for more than ten millennia. Throughout this period, farming has changed and developed. Farmers have constantly experimented with farming practices that accommodate their resources and...

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