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A Guide to Raisins

Could it possibly be the type of raisins used to make regular and golden raisins different? This is not quite right because both types of raisins are made from the same seedless green raisins. So, what makes the difference? You can find the explanation below.

The small, brown dried fruit treats are regular raisins. Golden raisins which are basically the same size as regular raisins are light gold in color and are plumper and juicier than regular ones.

Sultanas is another name given to golden raisins. This sweet treat is called golden raisins in the US. But in the UK, Australia, and other places, they are usually called sultanas.

Most of the raisins produced in the world come from California.

There is no difference between the nutritional content between regular raisins and golden raisins. Fiber and potassium are richly found in both types of raisins as well as many antioxidants.

Their caloric content is very high. And this is because the liquid is removed from the fruit which makes is considerably smaller and making it easier to eat more than you realize.

It has very high natural sugar content. Since grapes are sweet, sugar is no longer added to raisins. So concentrating the fruit means concentrating the sugar.

The difference between regular raisins and golden raisins is in how they are made.

Solar power is used in making regular raisins. Grapes are laid our in paper and made to dry in the sun. It takes about three weeks to complete the process, during which time the fruit turns brown.

Golden raisins are produced in a much-sophisticated way. In a huge dehydrator with controlled heat and humidity, the grapes are placed to dry. The fruit remains plump and juice because the environment is more controlled. After about 24 hours, your golden raisins are ready.

Sulfur dioxide, an antioxidant, can be used to treat golden raisins. It acts as a preservative and helps the fruit retain its color. You can be allergic to sulfur dioxide. Rashes, stomach cramps or asthma attacks are usually the symptoms of allergy to sulfur dioxide. Check the raisin label if you have allergies to sulfur dioxide.

Raisins are used as a healthy snack. You can easily carry them about with you and eat it when you feel hungry. RAisians are good for mixing with nuts and other snack foods.

You can make them into delicious candies that make a delightful treat. You can find out more about that here.

You can add raisins to your baked goods. Oatmeal raisin cookies use a lot of raisins as its ingredient. You can enhance your cakes, muffins, sweet bread, and more by adding raisins to it.

You can put raisins in your oatmeal, in your salad, or to offset flavors in a savory dish like curry or chutney.